Family Dynamics

Greenille by Laga

Preparing entrepreneurial families to deal with different opinions, expectations and dreams of family members about their future, the business or the family’s wealth, is key. Avoiding conflicts or top down approaches where the pater or mater familias decides, are recipes for failure. We engage with the family on a journey of transparent communication, facilitating active listening and empathy. All family members are involved building trust and fine tuning each other’s roles and expectations.

This family growth process is dynamic and circular: it never ends and just gets better. We equip the family with the tools to go through rough transformation moments as death, divorce, sale of the business. And we make sure they can deal with the new situation in growing resilience.

Our team of mediation experts, organisational psychologists and of counsel is led by Prof. Dr. Alain Laurent Verbeke, Partner. Senior team members include Prof. Dr. Martin EuwemaDr. Tijs Besieux and Katalien Bollen, Of Counsel.

Should you be interested in reading more on our approach in Family Dynamics, you can read our vision in a nutshell here (in Dutch).