Conflict Handling

Greenille by Laga

Contract disputes, joint ventures going wrong, partnerships falling apart, tax controversies, divorce, inheritance quarrels. As facts of life they disrupt professional and private relations. No human being is only rational. Our feelings and unconscious bias do influence our behaviour. Also in conflict. Hence conflicts entail a huge risk of escalation. Litigation may last for many years. And often takes a heavy toll, emotionally and financially.

Litigation is not the inevitable way to deal with conflicts. According to the type of conflict and its intensity, we analyse and decide with you how to handle conflict in the most appropriate way: facilitation, negotiation, collaborative law, mediation, case settlement, arbitration or litigation.

We are counselors at law: We know the law. And we know how to counsel you: collaborative and problem solving, above all client centered. We listen to understand what is really important for you. We help you discover the most appropriate way to solve your conflict.

Our team of negotiation, mediation, litigation experts and Of Counsel is led by Annick Visschers and Prof. Dr. Alain Laurent Verbeke, Partners.