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At the core is our service of estate planning and international wealth structuring.

Our approach is integrated and holistic.

We integrate issues of private law (marital contract, wills, donation, inheritance law, partnership, foundation, trust, companies) and tax law (inheritance tax, estate tax, gift tax, VAT, personal and corporate income tax) with a thorough knowledge of private international law and comparative law.

The holistic approach ensures we always keep the broad picture in mind.

Your purpose is our guideline. We keep a helicopter view and do not get trapped in nitty gritty details. Almost 30 years of experience bring us the expertise to effectively coordinate and manage the interaction between advisors and lawyers of many jurisdictions.

Our team of civil and tax lawyers and of counsel is led by Prof. Dr. Alain Laurent VerbekeMathieu ExBart Verdickt and Caroline Costermans Partners.

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