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Business criminal law

Avoidance of criminal liabilities, including directors liabilities

As most commercial and corporate legislation contains criminal sanctions, Laga’s Commercial law team have developed specific expertise in fraud and white collar crime. We advise on criminal law compliance and implement appropriate risk management procedures, often in close collaboration with forensic auditors. Whenever clients are prosecuted or became victims of crime, our lawyers can represent them in criminal investigations and proceedings.

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Our areas of expertise

Reputed for their expertise in tax-related fraud, economic crimes and money-laundering offences, Laga’s team is specialised in all aspects of criminal law and criminal procedure, including:

  • Criminal law and criminal procedure in general
  • Corporate criminal law
  • Financial criminal law
  • Economic criminal law
  • Tax criminal law
  • Social criminal law
  • Environmental criminal law
  • International and European criminal law
  • Administrative sanctions

Our team can provide all forms of assistance: from advice on general or specific topics and assistance with prevention and compliance, to litigation in criminal courts.

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