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Benefit in kind for housing: Constitutional Court asked to rule on admissibility of ex officio relief request

17 October 2019

On 7 October 2019, the Antwerp Court of Appeal referred a question to the Constitutional Court regarding the application of ex officio relief on the benefit in kind amount for housing. If the Constitutional Court were to rule in favour of the plaintiff, this would effectively confirm that taxpayers can reclaim overpaid taxes on the benefit in kind for housing from the previous five years.

Tax audit wave on foreign investment income (U.S. FATCA - CRS)

22 July 2019

As a result of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and CRS (Common Reporting Standard), Belgian tax authorities receive information from other countries, regarding financial accounts held by Belgian residents in other jurisdictions.

Tax authorities paying closer attention to capital increases and decreases

19 July 2019

As mentioned recently in the Belgian press, companies undergoing a capital decrease after an initial capital increase will be a focus point for the tax authorities in the next few year(s). In preparation for these future investigations, several cases were observed where local tax authorities asked questions related to capital increases. This is a centrally managed action.

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