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Privacy policy

last modified Jul 14, 2008 05:14 PM
Laga - Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

1. Privacy

Laga may collect data relative to the visitors of its website in accordance with the privacy and confidentiality statement set out herein. As a data controller, Laga is firmly committed to protect the privacy of its clients and of the visitors of its website, in compliance with the Belgian Privacy Act which implements Directive 95/46/EC. Laga reserves the right to modify this privacy and confidentiality statement at any time. All modifications come into force as of the publication thereof on the website.

This privacy statement is without prejudice to Laga’s right to identify persons who inadvertly attempt to disable, hack, flood or otherwise harm the Laga website or its underlying systems in whole or in part.

1.1. Statistical data

By accessing the website, you agree that Laga may collect and store the data listed hereinafter for statistical purposes:

  • your IP address;
  • searches performed through the website’s search function;
  • the precise time and date you have accessed the website;
  • which sections of the website you have visited and in what order;
  • the location from which you have accessed the website; and
  • the url through which you have reached the Laga website.

The data will be used to monitor what sections of the website are of interest to its visitors and to improve the navigation and the accessibility of information on the website. The data will not be used to identify you as an individual.

1.2. Information submitted to Laga

In case you submit personal data to Laga through the available web-based forms or by e-mail, Laga will keep record of this data. By providing personal data in the aforementioned manner, you grant Laga your explicit and unambiguous consent to process the data for the purposes mentioned on the web-based form or for the purposes mentioned in the email or directly related thereto.

Laga does not collect sensitive data such as information regarding race, sexual orientation, ethnicity and political or religious beliefs. Laga strongly encourages job applicants or other correspondents not to communicate such data. However, should you choose to submit any information to Laga that directly or indirectly relates thereto (e.g. in the framework of a job application), such will unavoidably inform Laga of certain sensitive data and the information may end up in our records.

Laga will not transfer personal data to any third party without the individual’s prior consent. Information will be stored on a secure server and Laga undertakes to take all reasonable measures to avoid unauthorized access to the data.

At any time, the person who has submitted personal data to Laga may direct requests to access, verify, correct and/or remove the personal data to the Privacy Officer at The Privacy Officer will respond to such requests as soon as possible.

1.3. Cookies

The Laga website uses cookies to enhance its visitors’ user experience. A cookie is a small file that the website server will send to your browser and that is then stored on your computer. This cookie will improve the performance of the website (e.g. by diminishing the loading time of the pages) the next time you visit. Cookies may also be used to collect the statistical data mentioned under 1.1.

You may configure your web browser to issue a warning every time a cookie is installed, or for it to block the installation of cookies. However, blocking cookies issued from the Laga website may lead to a poorer performance or to the unavailability of certain parts of the website.

2. Confidentiality

Information submitted to Laga and/or its attorneys and personnel by clients and prospective clients fall within the scope of legal privilege. Laga shall keep such information and correspondence strictly confidential. However, please be advised that exceptional circumstances may require Laga to disclose certain information to third parties.

The Belgian Act of 11 January 1993 on the Prevention of Use of the Financial System for Money Laundering in conjunction with judgment nr.10/2008 of the Constitutional Court requires attorneys to report certain suspicious financial or property-related transactions to the Head of the Bar Association, who may in turn report such transactions to the financial authorities. This obligation does not extend to information that has been obtained to advise or assist clients in respect of actual, potential or pending legal proceedings.