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Corporate Housekeeping Services

last modified May 07, 2015 03:05 PM
Corporate Housekeeping Services

Company directors are under the constant pressure of changing legislative requirements governing the administration of their companies. Keeping up-to-date and compliant entails administrative burdens and time-consuming routine obligations.

Laga’s Corporate Housekeeping team can guide you through the changes, easing your administrative burden and allowing you to get on with running your business. Our expertise is available as an ongoing service to monitor recurring business (annual general meeting or filing of accounts) or for one-off services arising from changes in legal structure or legal requirements that need immediate action.

Cross-border compliance services

Company directors have onerous responsibility of ensuring that their companies are fully compliant with their statutory obligations at all times.  Statutory compliance creates administrative burdens and can be time consuming and a significant distraction for top management. Corporate Compliance is not limited by country borders, but requires a cross-border methodology ensuring an overall and consistent approach towards meeting mandatory and internal compliance standards. Through our international contacts we can help you to establish a streamlined and coherent compliance process across borders.

As a full service law firm we are able to offer you more than just compliance. If and when legal expertise is required in other areas of the law we are able to provide these in a seamless way. We want to do more than simply deliver an accurate, cost-effective compliance service. Our approach to corporate secretarial services is designed to provide standardized documentation for recurrent corporate secretarial requirements, which typically include minutes of the board of directors, the management report and minutes of the shareholders’ meeting (each to the extent legally required under local law) in connection with the filing of the annual accounts and management report in accordance with mandatory local requirements. Additional, non-recurrent work, such as legal and company secretarial services consisting of assistance with the change of directors, incorporation or liquidation of limited liability companies, branch offices, changes in shareholding and review of internal policies, can be coordinated and delivered through the same procedures in order to ensure an overall consistent approach.

We have relevant tools and ideas ranging from using specific project management technology and data analytics to compliance technical ideas and solutions to help you achieve the greatest value. Our aim has been to create enhanced standardization of your corporate compliance and housekeeping processes and to invest in supporting technologies in order to help transform processes and technologies to enhance efficiencies, align data, and improve transparency. For you this will mean less costly, less risky, and less piecemeal service. You will be confident that your compliance processes are being managed consistently and efficiently

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"At Laga we are committed to helping our clients in the best possible manner, using innovative techniques to ease the administrative burden across functional and geographical boundaries"

Tim Baart


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