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Business criminal law

last modified Apr 29, 2015 10:15 AM
Business criminal law

Laga’s business criminal law team consists of highly trained and dedicated professionals with years of experience who have handled a wide variety of criminal law cases. Not only do we assist victims of crime to recover their losses and defend those who are subject to criminal prosecution, but we also advise clients on criminal law compliance and help them establish efficient risk management procedures and mechanisms. To these ends, we closely collaborate with qualified forensic auditors. We work for private and corporate clients such as financial institutions, investment entities, real estate developers, and companies in the distribution, chemical and building sector, as well as for public institutions and (international) non-governmental organisations. Reputed for their expertise in tax-related fraud, economic crimes and money-laundering offences, Laga’s team is specialised in all aspects of criminal law and criminal procedure, including:

  • Criminal law and criminal procedure in general
  • Corporate criminal law
  • Financial criminal law
  • Economic criminal law
  • Tax criminal law
  • Social criminal law
  • Environmental criminal law
  • International and European criminal law
  • Administrative sanctions

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