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last modified Oct 06, 2008 10:16 AM

New tresholds for public procurement procedures 2014 - 2015

by George Botaris — Jan 08, 2014 11:16 AM
08.01.14 | On 13 December 2013, the new European thresholds for public procurement procedures during the 2014 – 2015 period were announced (1). These thresholds have been incorporated in Belgian procurement legislation by ministerial decree (2) and are fully applicable to all procedures that have started as of 1 January 2014.

Government governance for the Flemish public sector

by George Botaris — Jan 07, 2014 03:12 PM
07.01.14 | On 22 November 2013, the Flemish government announced a decree regarding public governance in the Flemish public sector. Almost 10 years after the corporate governance codes’ introduction, this decree introduces a code regarding government governance for the Flemish public sector.

“Living in your own region” and “social obligations” measures annulled: what’s next?

by George Botaris — Jan 07, 2014 03:12 PM
07.01.14 | In two judgments issued on 7 November 2013, the Belgian Constitutional Court annulled the so-called “living in your own region” and “social obligations” measures provided for in the Decree of the Flemish Region of 27 March 2009 regarding land and real estate policy. Since the annulment has retroactive effect, these measures are deemed never to have existed in the Flemish region.

New decree on immovable heritage sites

by George Botaris — Oct 31, 2013 11:34 AM
31.10.13 | The Flemish Government introduced the new decree on immovable heritage sites (1) to address this subject’s scattered legal landscape. Going forward, the different types of such sites are treated equally, taking into account the main immovable heritage diversity in Flanders.

Innovation Premium

by George Botaris — Oct 24, 2013 09:41 AM
24.10.13 | The modernisation act (1) extends the possibility to grant an innovation premium until 1 January 2015.

Modernising employment law

by George Botaris — Sep 09, 2013 09:19 AM
09.09.13 | The modernisation of employment law Act was recently published in the Belgian Official Journal (B.S./M.B. 17 August 2013). The Modernisation Act aims to (i) implement more working time flexibility, (ii) extend the regulation on the innovation premium and (iii) extend the exemption to recruit young people.

New co-ownership law: bylaw adaptation deadline extended further

by George Botaris — Sep 04, 2013 04:08 PM
04.09.13 | The deadline to prepare the adaptation of the bylaws and submit it to the general meeting of co-owners for approval is extended further.

Termination indemnities no longer exempt from social security contributions

by Fabienne Fonder — Aug 28, 2013 04:37 PM
28.08.13 | Within the framework of the combat against social fraud, the council of ministers recently approved a royal decree subjecting indemnities paid at employment contracts’ termination to social security contributions. Subject to the advice of the Council of State, the entry into force of these provisions is expected to be 1 October 2013.

Upcoming reform of the Belgian Overseas Social Security regime

by Luc De Smedt — Sep 03, 2013 11:58 AM
14.08.13 | The OSSO will undergo reforms with regard to its organisation as well as its content.

Amended Prospectus Act

by Antoine Lowagie — Aug 09, 2013 08:58 AM
08.08.13 | On 6 August 2013, the Act of 17 July 2013 (1) (the Amending Act) was published in the Belgian Official Journal. The Amending Act transposes Directive 2010/73/EU (amending the Prospectus Directive) and parts of Directive 2010/78/EU into Belgian law.
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